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FACEFB - 10% off On All Cart Items


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A worth product, long lasting. This is static/fuxed model, covers face fully below chin. Care taking - Clean it with soap water, dettol or Savlon mixed water,any good shampoo water.Cleaning with sanitizerz: the alchol content will make it's upper layer whitish which make it opake after some more cleanings with sanitizers.Cleaning with acetone or carbon tetrachloride is also not advisable as they react with polycarbonate.
Girish, Delhi, IN
Comfortable fit, but little bit on the heavy side. The adjustable band lets you adjust the shield according to your face. Almost cover all the face and under the shield one can easily wear spectacles and mask. Overall a reliable product.
Hiren, Gujrat, IN
Exciting New Designs Coming Soon

Exciting New Designs Coming Soon

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